About - Mission/Goal

Our Vision
Permanently affordable, resident-owned cooperative housing communities to benefit workers, families, students, seniors, disabled, low and middle income folks from diverse backgrounds, now and forever.

Our Goal
The Bay Area Community Land Trust is the only non-profit organization in the East Bay committed to developing the higher density model of cooperative homeownership for low and moderate income communities.

Economical Sustainability
Cooperatively owned, limited equity, multi-family housing, on urban land that is permanently owned by a community land trust (CLT), allows low and moderate income families to enjoy the benefits of home ownership in a setting of maximum energy efficiency. We contribute to sustainable living by facilitating the sharing of resources - reducing the carbon footprint by sharing appliances, common spaces and transportation.

Environmentally-Conscious Community Development
We also promote green building, retrofitting and weatherizing, conversion to solar energy, and urban agriculture. And the co-op model itself promotes personal and group responsibility for the environment and provides institutions through which urban dwellers can promote environmental consciousness in their surroundings through example, advocacy, and participation in community projects.