News & Events - National CLT Conference

National CLT Conference in Oakland, October 9-12, 2017

BACLT, along with the Bay Area Consortium of CLTs and the California CLT Network, were the local sponsors for the 2017 Community Land Trust conference presented by the Grounded Solutions Network in Oakland in October. There are nearly 20 CLTs in California, and over 250 nationwide.

The Bay Area Consortium of CLTs sponsored the Opening Reception attended by over 400 people. BACLT secured donations from Beneficial State Bank and Institute for Community Economics, both lenders on our co-op properties, and James Yeechun Fung, our insurance agent at R.L. Milsner, Inc. We appreciate their support. Many members of the CLT Consortium put in months of hard work and secured many sponsorship to make this event very successful.

Rick Lewis, BACLT Executive Director, was on a panel on Co-op Housing and CLTs. Also on the panel were Alex Roesch from New York’s Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB), Thom Armstrong from British Columbia’s Co-op Housing Federation and Tiffany Duzita from the Community Land Trust Foundation of BC. Kathy Labriola of BACLT served as moderator. UHAB has over 10,000 co-op units and British Columbia has 13,000. Both the New York and British Columbia organizations are transferring many of their co-ops into a CLT. It was exciting to be able to present to over 50 conference attendees about the supportive relationship between co-ops and CLTs. We have also established a list serve of those who attended to pose questions and share experiences on the model.

Several members of the Bay Area Consortium of CLTs also presented workshops. Dev Goetschius ED of the Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County led the Training Institute on City-CLT Partnerships; Steve King, ED of the Oakland Community Land Trust, participated in the Commercial Gentrification and Displacement workshop; and Francis McIlveen, of the Northern California Land Trust and Susan Scott of the Community Land Trust Association of West Marin were on a panel that discussed Equitable Taxation for CLT Homes. The taxation panel addressed reduction of property taxes on CLT properties, an issue that the California CLT Network has been working on at the state level for several years.