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New Housing Projects
Bay Area Community Land Trust is working with the McGee Avenue Baptist Church in South Berkeley to renovate eight units of housing. The church owns the property, but it has been boarded up for many years and requires major renovation to bring the units back to habitability. BACLT and MABC have been working together for several months to reach an agreement where the church will retain ownership of the property and BACLT will oversee the renovation and manage the units after the renovation is completed.
8 Bedroom House in Oakland. We are negotiating with the owner to purchase this beautiful collective house and work with the residents to make it resident controlled housing.

National CLT Conference in Oakland, October 9-12, 2017
The 2017 Community Land Trust conference will be presented by the Grounded Solutions Network (formerly the National CLT Network) in Oakland from October 9th to 12th, in partnership with BACLT, the Bay Area Consortium of CLTs and the California CLT Network. Rick Lewis will be on a panel on Co-op housing on Wednesday, October 11th. Please contact us for more information.

Legislation BACLT is working with the California CLT Network on two pieces of legislation to reduce property taxes on CLT properties. BACLT will take a leading role in reducing property taxes on Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives within a Community Land Trust. Others will work on legislation to exempt CLT properties from taxes during the development phase. Most affordable housing in California is developed as rental housing and qualifies for reductions and exemptions of property taxes. Since CLTs develop affordable ownership housing, the properties are often assessed at market values and property taxes are based on those valuations. We hope to change that in 2018.

Past Events

The East Bay Cooperative Housing Coalition held a Co-op Gathering March 11th, 2017. at Berkeley Cohousing. The theme of this Gathering of the Co-ops was: Co-op Chores, and the different approaches taken by various cooperative living communities. Berkeley Cohousing hosted the event in their beautiful common house, and nearly thirty people attending, representing many co-ops, cohousing communities, and collective households. Read more >> .

Programs & Projects

New Program

Donating Your Home
By donating your land or home(s) to Bay Area Community Land Trust, you can leave a legacy of permanently affordable housing for generations to come, and challenge the assumptions of a runaway, speculative real estate market. Read more...

Ongoing Projects
BACLT continues to provide training for housing co-ops and other community living groups. We are currently training residents at the Haskell Street Condo Associations on Capital Replacement Budgets. Click here to learn more about our Training Services.

Hibiscus Commons
Hibiscus Commons is a new BACLT committee that is working to develop a senior co-op in the East Bay. Made up of a group of women who have been working for two years to develop a cohousing co-op, we welcome them as part of BACLT and are working to help them fulfill their dream and to create a model Elder Co-op that goes back to some of our earliest plans. Read more...

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