Properties - The Newton House Collective

The Newton House Collective
The Newton House Collective is located in the East Lake district of Oakland. The house was built in 1906 by the prominent Seulberger family of Oakland horticulturists and florists, and has been designated a historical landmark. BACLT purchased the property in September 2018 from a sympathetic owner who sold the property below market value so that the residents can enjoy permanently affordable, resident controlled housing.

Since 2008, this house has provided affordable housing for a collective of people of color, women, men, queer and trans people. This house has become a safe and affirming home for people who are being forced out of the Bay Area by rising rents. We are excited to be working with the residents to make this permanently affordable housing and to preserve the home as accessible and safe for us and future generations who dream of calling Oakland home. BACLT is providing the necessary training to provide the tenants with the skills to manage the property. We look forward to getting to building a stronger community, together!