Training & Services

The Bay Area Community Land Trust (BACLT) offers training, education and technical assistance to new co-ops, existing co-ops and to groups that want to convert to a Limited Equity Housing Cooperative (LEHC) or other resident controlled housing model like collective household. BACLT also provides presentations for public education.

Co-ops Training and Services:

  New Co-ops
 Thinking of having a new housing Co-op?

      Become a Co-op


  Existing Co-ops
 Now that you are a Co-op do you want to add on?

      Existing Co-op

  Converting to a Co-op
 For (LEHC) or other resident controlled housing model.

Converting to a Co-op

Successful cooperative are the product of training courses in finances, sustainability, conflict resolution, etc. New co-ops must establish a solid foundation and prepare new members to take on the challenges of operating residential housing. Many co-op members have never owned a home and have not had the opportunity to learn how to manage property. Existing co-ops often need to refresh and retool to keep enthusiasm for cooperative living alive.